RYVOR Group is a company that in 1979 was started by family, is still managed by family, and will continues to operate into the future on a solid foundation of family values. The health and safety of our employees, stakeholders and the environment that we work in is our utmost priority. Managing for sustainability is not only our responsibility, it is profitable in the long term. As a privately held company, we are not constrained by the short term goals of stockholders, and therefore, we conduct our business in a manner that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Our five core values of excellence, honesty, health, loyalty, and family embody the scope of our policy. We implement our values and sustainability through education, resourcefulness and continual process improvement.

We believe that people make the right choices when they know and understand the consequences of their actions. We educate our employees and stakeholders on the end-to-end rationale of our sustainability policies. We hold regularly scheduled conferences and seminars with managers and front-line employees to discuss, teach and implement sustainability policies throughout our company. We have expanded and thrived over the years because we treat our employees’ health and clients’ properties with dignity and respect towards the environment.

Conserving and recycling materials and supplies is key to our success and profitability. Sustainability makes business sense. The bottom line of an industrial cleaning and landscaping business is a tightly maintained inventory of chemicals and consumables. We maintain our strong commitment to sustainable cleaning by using only environmentally responsible or non-toxic cleaning products. We use products that adhere to the highest standards of the Environmental Protection Agency, which includes stringent human health and environmental criteria without sacrificing the quality of our work, or the performance of our people.

Sustainability is a process that requires vigilance, constant updating and institutional awareness. We confer with our employees, stakeholders and clients in order to stay abreast of any changes or improvements to the environmental work space that may need to be addressed. We embrace best practices, analysis and goal setting within our operation to ensure our processes and procedures are up to date and effective. Above all else, we operate our sustainability practices with integrity – and this goes beyond just recycling where possible. At the end of the day we ask ourselves, “Have we done everything in our power to create and maintain an environmentally sustainable operation?” When RYVOR looks itself in the mirror, we’re proud to say – we have.